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When buying on the internet you the consumer face many problems. Of course you want the best price, but you're also concerned about customer service, product integrity and product quality.

The problem with many of the deep discounters is you don't know if you are getting new, refurbished, used or even stolen merchandise. When it comes to the internet, it is "Buyer Beware".

Here are a few hints may help.

1. Legitimate dealers always proudly display their address and company information. If you have a problem, to whom and where do you have to go. I see web stores open and close in just a few months. It's kind of like buying from a Pyramid scheme. The people at the bottom always get burned for lots of money.

2. Is the "Web business" actually franchised for what they sell. I checked out many sites and as it turns out  most are not authorized for any of the products I checked out. When you discover such web addresses you need to report your findings to the manufacturer so they can be shopped and put out of business. At least for the lines you shopped them for.
If you purchase from a "Non-authorized Dealer" you forfeit your factory warranty .

3. Check out the dealer to determine how long they have been in business, do they actually have a retail business, are they licenses in the state and city they reside. (All of which is impossible, if you don't have an address - #1)

4. Always pay by credit card if in doubt. Make sure you have some recourse with your credit card company, in case you don't get what was promised, or if your credit information  is sold on the black market. Sounds fare fetched, but it happens.

5. Don't be convinced by anything you see on their web site. We post that we are a PARA dealer, We are a Home Theater Magazine Distinguished Dealer, and a safe shopping site. These are things you can easily verify. And I always urge our customers to check our references.

6. If it sounds to good to be true.... it usually is.

Our policy is to compete against any legitimate dealer on the internet. The only catch is the word "legitimate". That means they have to pass the above criteria. I will be happy to help you in any way possible so you actually get what you want and at a fair price.

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If there is no authorized dealer in your area you can order directly from  Soundscape with a 10-day, satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

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Outside the US and Canada, (707) 578-4434

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