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Introducing NewClassic Building audio components with superb sound quality at affordable prices has been the hallmark of Parasound's philosophy since 1981. Our customers have come to expect outstanding products of unequalled value and reliability. And for 24 years we’ve delivered just that. Ask anyone who knows audio.

In 2002 Parasound launched a major project: to improve and refresh these classics. The goal was simple, but ambitious: to create new products that would be no less than new classics. A no-compromise, John Curl-designed preamplifier that reveals every bit of musical detail found in any recording, in a package that has all the conveniences anyone could want.

Over the years Parasound's original products were more beloved for their brawn than their beauty, and their quiet styling made them classics. And while the highly-styled models in our higher priced, elegant Halo line earned most of the recent accolades and honors, the functionally-styled classic models continued to earn the trust and respect of audio enthusiasts, custom installers and their clients.

Dual Mono Topology, 6 high level inputs: Direct coupled,100% Class A circuitry, CMOS and relay switching, High current dual mono headphone circuit, Complementary MOSFET drive stage, Ultra high precision volume control, Fully remote controlled, External IR input.

  • Frequency Response
    5 Hz - 135 kHz, +0/-2 dB, full output
    5 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-2 dB, full output -6 dB
  • Total Harmanic Distortion
    <= 0.005%, 1 kHz
    <= 0.007%, 20 kHz
  • IM Distortion
    <= 0.004%
  • TIM
  • Maximum Output
    > 10 V before clipping
  • Impedances
    All inputs 30k ohms, &plusmn;5%
    Line outputs <= 60 ohms
    Recommended line load >= 600 ohms
    Recommended headphone >= 8 ohms
  • Input Sensitivity
    All inputs 150 mV, &plusmn;5%
  • Max Input Level
    10.5 V before clipping
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    >102 dB, A weighted, full output
    >93 dB, A weighted, full output -6 dB
    >84 dB, unweighted, full output
    >81 dB, unweighted, full output -6 dB
  • Maximum Hum
    > 0.05 mV, full output
    > 0.08 mV, full output -6 dB
  • Crosstalk
    >100 dB, < 10 kHz, full output
    >96 dB, 20 kHz, full output
    >90 dB, 20 kHz, full output -6 dB
  • Channel Balance
    <= 0.3 dB
  • Weight
    16 lb.
  • Dimensions
    19" wide x 3 -1/2" high x 12 3/8" deep 4-1/8" high with feet
  • Power Requirements
    110 V - 120 V AC, 12 W; may be rewired for 220 V - 240 V, 50 Hz

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

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