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Panasonic Plasma Display Monitors

•Real Black Drive System
Conventional plasma displays tend to illuminate blacks, which lowers the contrast. In our plasma displays, however, the pre-discharge emission intensity is greatly reduced, and the
number of emissions per field is cut from the usual 12 to 1. This dramatically reduces black levels and provides deep, rich blacks. It also achieves a high contrast ratio of 3000:1.

•3000:1 Contrast Ratio
Contrast Ratio A high contrast ratio provides deep blacks and bright whites.

•Adaptive Brightness Intensifier (ABI)
Adaptive Brightness Intensifier (ABI) Plasma display panels control brightness by regulating the discharge cycles (time). Conventional plasma displays suffer from insufficient peak brightness in dark scenes, resulting in images that are less dynamic than those of direct-view CRTs. Our unique plasma ABI automatically increases the number of discharge cycles (time) to achieve a dramatic improvement in peak brightness. It expands the dynamic range of all images—from black-to-white peak—to deliver pictures with naturally high levels of contrast

•Lightweight, Ultra-Thin Design

Lightweight, Ultra-Thin Design Allows you to hang the TV from a wall to open up space in your bedroom or living room.

•HDTV/EDTV Display Capability (1080i, 480p)
Select TVs enable you to view high-definition or enhanced-definition TV programming in the 1080i or 480p signal format. In order to do so, the TV must be connected via its digital component video inputs (Y, PR, PB) to a DTV set-top box and switched to DTV mode. A DTV signal must be present in your area and the set-top box must be tuned to the proper channel. An external over-the-air antenna may be required. Note: Optional set-top receiver required to view DTV programming. Optional external over-the-air antenna may be required for ATSC reception. If your cable company "passes through" a DTV signal unchanged, an optional HDTV set-top receiver can decode and tune the program. However, standards for cable connectivity have not been finalized. Consequently, this product may not be compatible with your cable system.

•Asymmetrical Cell Structure Panel
Dramatically improves the light-emitting balance of reds, blues and greens. The use of florescent materials with superior light-emission characteristics, along with the improvements in the cell wall structure, serves to enhance brightness and contrast. Together, these technologies achieve a high level of plasma display performance with deep blacks, brilliant whites and dramatic color reproduction

•Component Video Inputs (for HDTV monitors)
Provide outstanding resolution and color accuracy for video images, and can accept either progressive or interlaced signals from a variety of sources including DVD players and DTV set-top receivers/ decoders. The three-wire connection is comprised of the luminance signal (Y) and two color difference signals, R-Y (PR) and B-Y (PB).

• S-Video Input Jack
Allows you to connect a DBS (digital broadcast satellite), DVD player, or other video source directly to the luminance and chrominance circuits of the TV set. By keeping color and luminance information separate, cross-color interference is virtually eliminated from the picture.

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