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Moving Coil Transformer

The Quicksilver MC transformer is the ideal way to extract maximum performance from moving coil cartridges. It was designed to match the RIAA curve specifically for use as a step-up device. It provides

23 db of gain for any phono cartridge with an output impedance between 1 and 40 ohms and has far less noise than an active head amp.
Warranty 3 years. .

Price $695.
Price includes free freight anywhere in
the contiguous United States.
California residents please add 8% sales tax

Bandwidth -3 db at 1 Hz and 100 KHz
Gain 23 db
Input Impedance 250 Ohms, 20 Hz-20 KHz
Input Gold-plated phono
Output Integral leads with gold-plated phono plugs
Maximum Output 2.8 volts rms, 20 Hz-20 KHz
Dimensions 5"H, 2 1/2"D, 3 1/4"W
Weight 3 lbs. shipping
U.S. Warranty 3 years parts and labor
Tubes 90 days


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Updated: January 25, 2004


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