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In the beginning... there was stranded cable.
And the people did wail and gnash their teeth.
And a great cry was heard: "Let our music go!"

And TARA Labs said, "Let there be solid core."
And there was Phase II/TFA Return. And it was good.
Really good. And Dick Olsher did proclaim "...a
triumph of simplicity and solid-core technology...
Class A sound for a budget price."

And TARA Labs did create Rectangular Solid Core
and did proclaim it "the speaker cable God uses."
And those who heard it did agree. And there was
much rejoicing.


In the tenth year TARA Labs brought forth

RSC Decade

And the people were amazed that it was yet better
thank the heavenly cable. And they did wonder what
would come next. For TARA Labs had all of space
and time in which to create.....

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