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Proven Products

There are hundreds of different lines and thousands of different products on the market today, each touting claims and counter claims why they are the best. We establish strict standards by which we evaluate the performance, reliability, and value of each and every product we recommend. Soundscape means quality, and we will never compromise our reputation on less than excellent products. We only recommend manufacturers whose reputation as true industry leaders have been acknowledged by critics, customers and dealers alike.

We Can Help!

Soundscape has been selecting, selling and installing hi-fi for over 25 years. During that time, we have seen the demise of hundreds of competitors. While others fail, we strive to improve our products services and knowledge.

Faced by an overabundance of product, how are you as the consumer expected to make an educated and wise choice? You can't possibly listen to "everything out there", and even if you could, too many variables such as "different systems in different environments with different cables" would make a true A/B comparison meaningless. Are you then supposed to shop by specs? Are you thinking about assembling a system consisting of Stereophile Class A or B rated components? Do you realize that without professional help, most likely your friend's dormitory low-fi rig will end up sounding better, beside costing only a fraction? Components need to be properly matched to each other, to your specific requirements, your lifestyle, your environment, your overall budget. For that you need a professional specialist.

We Are Your Specialist!

We have done the endless door-to-door shopping and comparing already. We have gone to numerous Consumer Electronics Shows to keep up with what's new and hot and what isn't, and we get manufacturers into our store on a regular basis demonstrating their equipment in our systems so we can evaluate and decide how we want to expand our product offering.

We don't believe in $ 1000.00 interconnects in $ 2000.00 systems unless the difference is so staggering that it couldn't be achieved any other way for the same money. (Highly unlikely).

We do believe that you worked hard for your money and that it should be invested where it makes the most difference. We therefore represent, select and recommend product that meets these requirements: Value, Performance, Reliability, Un-obsolescence. The manufacturers we represent build outstanding product that is equally well reviewed by the Hi-End press as it is with actual dealers, customers and ourselves.

An Understanding Of Your Needs

When it comes to your needs, we are there to listen to you. Our aim is to find out what your desires are, to consider your lifestyle and budget, then to recommend only that equipment which is appropriate to your needs. We promise to extend our help and expertise without pressure. We are willing to give you as much information and time as your need. Plus, we are there to answer your questions openly and honestly. Upon completion of the sale, we will be there for you. We will explain how everything works and should a question arise we are here to answer it. Remember a properly designed Audio/Video system should be as easy to use as turning on a light switch.

A Better Way

A better way to purchase a system is to select a professional Audio/Video Dealer and let their expertise work for you. It may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but in the real world, the choice of the people you work with is the major ingredient leading to greater satisfaction and obtaining real value. This means, who you select is of prime importance.

We love music, and we assume you do too. We therefore treat you as a fellow music lover, with the same respect and regard we ourselves would like to be treated. Your questions are welcome, whether before, during or after a transaction. We believe in creating customers for life. That means we are always there for you.

If You Agree

The professionals at Soundscape will orchestrate your system with care and dispatch. For anything not covered in this on-line information, try us by phone Monday -Friday 10AM-7PM  or Saturday 12PM-5PM Pacific Standard Time (California).
Or send us your comments on our questions and comments page.
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If there is no authorized dealer in your area you can order directly from  Soundscape with a 10-day, satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

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