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Apature is a synonym for aperture, meaning "the space between two things." In audio applications, this space lies between the interfacing of two or more electronic components; component to speakers; and speakers to the listener. All of these spaces are similar and governed by the laws of nature that we know as physics. To work within these laws, with the understanding that nature harnesses the spaces to connect what they separate, Apature brings those who listen closer to what they should hear.

The Apature cables connecting your audio equipment are designed with two main objectives. The first is to transfer the complex information between the components without altering it, by either adding to (coloration) or subtracting from (signal loss) the original signal. The second is to protect the conductors from becoming oxidized or aged, and shield it from exterior interference (noise).

The first objective for optimum signal transfer is obtained by using all similar OFC 20 awg, solid core conductors, with each conductor having both its own foamed Teflon dielectric jacket and identical placement in the winding, so each conductor will pass through and interact on identical properties in any given length on the transmission line. Apature then groups these conductors in a 2+2 configuration for interconnects and 4+4, 8+8, and 16+16 for speaker cable. Using identical conductors throughout your system results in a very high compatibility rate among mixed components. Apature has taken this design a step further by silver plating each 20 awg conductor with full knowledge and respect to the theories of AC-Resistively; the new silver design Apature "Accusound Cables" have been so successful in sound staging that the bare copper models have been reduced to the 2+2 design only.

Meeting our second objective was given by using dielectric insulation with the least absorption and fastest dissipation factors, you automatically have the finest protection from oxidation. Apature uses foamed Teflon and high molecular polyethylene for longevity as well as the sonic benefits of low energy storage. Apature cable conductors are then wrapped in Mylar backed foil, drained for shielding, and covered with a PVC outer jacket for flexibility.



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