Manual Projection Screens

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Draper Manual Screens

    Silhouette/Series M
You won't see fasteners since the Silhouette's brackets are self-concealing. With its slender dimensions and contemporary design it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.  The screen retracts completely inside the aluminum case.

Sturdy and durable construction make this an ideal manual projection screen for classrooms. 
Versatile, it may be attached to wall, ceiling or map rail hooks.
A spring roller projection screen, the Luma is designed for small to medium sized groups.
The Luma 2 is an attractive and practical choice wherever a larger spring-roller screen is required.  Both have pentagonal steel cases.

Perfect for the classroom because of its durable construction, it is reasonably priced and comes with a 5-year warranty.    The fiberglass matt white viewing surface is tear proof and has a double-needle stitched hem.

    Apex - the only manual screen with a ceiling closure.
The ceiling recessed case has a white closure panel at the bottom of the screen which seals the opening when the screen is retracted.  A detachable aluminum pole (4' or 6') operates this spring roller screen and it also allows some control over unauthorized use of the unit.



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