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Did you know that changing your cables is the easiest, least expensive way to transform the sound of your audio system? That's true whether you own a sophisticated high-end system or a quality rack system.

Most audiophiles have heard of TARA Labs Rectangular Solid Core cables... "the speaker cable God uses." These highly-acclaimed cables, including the RSC Decade and the now legendary RSC Master Generation 2, have been a favorite of reviewers and serious audiophiles since their introduction.

TARA Labs also offers a line of affordable entry-level cables. Prism Series cables are designed for the home audio listener who wants to get the best possible performance from his system for a modest investment.

For more detailed product information, select from the matrix below.

In addition, TARA Labs offers a variety of accessories including Vanishing PointsTM, The Missing Link, connectors and hookup wire.

TARA Labs Product Grid
Plese note new models are now available.
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Prism Series RSC Series
Interconnects Prism 1100 RSC CD
Prism 2200 RSC Prime Gen 2
Prism CD RSC Reference Gen 2
Prism 3300 RSC Master Gen 2
Prism 5500 RSC Decade
Speaker Cables Prism Klara RSC Prime 500
Prism Omni RSC Prime 1000
Prism 2+2 RSC Reference Gen 2
Prism Bi-Wire RSC Master Gen 2
Prism Install 216 RSC Decade
Prism Install 416
Digital Cables Prism Digital RSC Digital 75
Prism Luminary RSC Master Gen 2 Digital
RSC Decade Digital
Power Cords Prism AC RSC Master AC
Prism AC Special RSC Decade AC
Prism AC Affinity
Video Cables Prism Video-i RSC Video
Prism Video HT
Prism SV-1
Prism SV-2

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