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ROKSAN designs and manufactures some of the most acclaimed hi-fi equipment currently available.

ROKSAN's dedicated in-house design team includes experts in audio and mechanical engineering, analog and digital electronics, industrial and aesthetic design.

All ROKSAN products are carefully evaluated by experienced engineers at every stage of the design process. From intensive listening tests during design, to stage tests during production through to sample tests before dispatch, the emphasis is on verification of performance and build quality.

ROKSAN Retailers are carefully appointed on the basis of their expertise and ability in assisting you, to choose and integrate the hi-fi system that best satisfies your requirements. That's one of the reasons we are allowed to sell Roksan.

Although ROKSAN has grown in size as a Company, the basic philosophy remains the same- to design and develop stylish, reliable, value for money hi-fi equipment, that above all, offers the ultimate musical performance.


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Updated: March 7, 2009

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