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The Caspian Integrated Amplifier

Every aspect of this integrated amplifier is designed to provide performance from its respective circuit topology. The Caspian, housed in a full width steel case and solid aluminum front panel, has the distinctive and classic look which will last for decades.

Each section of the circuit topology of the Caspian Integrated Amplifier is designed to provide optimum performance.

High quality components together with a carefully designed circuit layout keep the signal path as pure as possible. Relays are used for input selection and tape monitor. Inputs are buffered by discrete symmetrical emitter follower amplifiers. Pre and power amplification stages are dual mono in design with discrete symmetrical differential amplifiers. Finally a high quality motorised potentiometer is utilised to eliminate any imprint on the signal and allow tine volume control.

The microprocessor and the logic controls are on a separate printed circuit hoard mounted behind the front panel and away from the amplifier section. This board is powered by its own dedicated regulators from a separate winding on the transformer to provide optimum isolation between logic and music signals.

The Caspian Integrated Amplifier is designed and built to a standard suitable for use with the best available source and loudspeaker components.



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Updated: October 13, 2007

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