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The Caspian Compact Disc Player

One look at the Caspian CD player reveals an attention to detail which is second to none. Mains power to the CD player is via a state of the art mains inlet filter to ensure clean AC supply to the player. This filter also acts as an isolator to prevent unwanted high frequency signals getting through to the rest of the system. The sled driven laser head system is decoupled from the chassis enhancing shock resistance and resolution.

There are no fewer than five printed circuit boards. The microprocessor board is mounted on the front panel separated from the mother board and the DA converter board. The analogue output section of the DAC has its own power supply board mounted away from the digital circuits. The fluorescent display board is mounted behind the elegant drop down display panel that neatly hides the disc loading drawer.

The analogue output stage is powered via a second toroidal transformer for optimum isolation from the rest of the internal circuits. There are five separate DC regulated power rails to optimise sound quality.

A new ROKSAN patented technology, the Laser Environment Enhancer Light (LL) takes the performance of the Caspian CD Player one step further to provide an unparalleled musical experience that puts the Caspian CD Player at the centre of any high quality system.




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